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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Follow your passion and take Regular Massive Action

So many people advise you to follow your passion, it's everywhere you look:
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, seminars, webinars... It's a well intentioned and appealing notion that you and I must follow our passion in life. It's purposely left very open ended and vague because in reality it's advice that has very little actual guts to it.
The commonly understood basic equation for follow your passion looks like this.
If you match your profession or work with a pre-existing interest you will have a happy and fulfilling career. It further goes on to imply that the line between those two points is simple and straight. That with one simple decision you will have the life you've always dreamed of. While such one dimensional logic works great in sales letters, pitches, and seminars in real life the theory doesn't prove true.

Get Really Good At Something... Here's The Catch... It Takes Time
We must get really good at a particular skill.
Even in today's fast food, get it fast with the least amount of work culture, world getting really good at something takes time. You can't rush mastery.
Newport calls these specialized skills "Career Capitol". And this is where it gets confused. We look at someone who is very successful and say, "See there, they did it! That's what happens when you follow your passion. That's what it takes." Unfortunately that's not correct. 

Follow Your Passion Means Time and Work
If we look at top performers in any industry from internet marketing to sports they have in most cases spent years perfecting a set of unique skills. They didn't just follow an empty dream, wish, or passion to become great. They developed a skill so good, so specialized, that they couldn't be ignored. They did more than listen to the catchphrase of follow your passion. They took action and repeated those actions through practice every single day.
Massive action for a day means little. Massive action every day over time, equals massive results.
I think we should spend a lot less time cheer-leading our peers and ourselves with the message of follow your passion and instead passionately work to get great at what we do. 
When we succeed a casual observer may post our picture with a quote on Facebook for inspiration saying "See what happens when you follow your passion!"