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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

5 Consequences of Not Following Your Passion

Lets say that after much experimenting and trying out many different things you eventually narrowed it down to one or two things that you are very passionate about in life.
After having found this passion(s) you decide to not follow through on it for whatever reason. Included below I have described the 5 consequences of not following your passion.

1. Overindulgence
When one is not focused and following their passion, there is a desire to just want to overindulge pretty much in anything. This may come in the form of overindulgence of food, alcohol, sex, or television.

The reason the overindulgence takes place is because the person is trying to escape the reality of doing what their heart's desires are calling them to do. I have been guilty of this in the past and this is a common trait in a lot of people, I have been there before but it is what it is. Overindulgence allows the person to block out the messages they continue to get from their spirit. Are there some areas in your life that you are overindulging in, in order to forget about your higher calling?

2. Blame
When one is not following his/her passion it is very easy to get into blame mode.
It is easy to say that life sucks, because "My parents forced me to study medicine in college and I took it and I am not happy or fulfilled." It is easy to blame the economy as to the reasons why you can't get a job. Or blame people around you for not doing what you always felt in your heart was the next best move. It is easy to slip into this and continue to look for external things to point the blame on, but at the end of the day it begins and ends with you. What are you doing differently today to take action on what you have always been called to do?

3. Regret
A common trait is that people begin to regret what they have done or not have done when it comes to their passion. In grade school up to high school, my favorite passion was playing game of basketball. One of the biggest regrets of my life was when I was a senior in high school and I didn't bother to try out for the varsity men's basketball team, because of ego issues I had with the Head Coach, and ironically the Coach go fired for that season, and I could've played under a coach that I actually liked. I didn't follow my passion that year of playing basketball, and I got stuck with regret for several months after the fact. I have since learned from this, and moved along forward from knowing the importance of following my own passion. Are there some areas in your life that are still lingering on, is it time to take action on those things, to prevent future regrets later down the road?

4. Laziness
When someone is not following their passion, it is very easy to just want to plop on the couch and watch television all day and develop this passive attitude towards life that becomes highly unproductive.

It almost seems like the most logical thing to do is to get lazy when we can't seem to find our passion especially. The point here really is that if one is committed to finding his/her passion that person would take several action steps and at least give the effort to continue to experiment with several ideas and see what works out. Are you developing a sense of laziness, because you are distracting yourself from what the universe is calling you to start taking action on?

5. Low Self Esteem
Lastly, when one is not following his/her passion low self esteem begins to emerge. The person begins to compare themselves to others, and start to see themselves as totally small compared to the people they compare themselves too and begin to question their own beliefs of what their hearts are telling them to do. A poor self image doesn't help anyone, including yourself. Begin now to see if a poor self image has to do with the fact that you aren't making an honest effort to better yourself in some way by being aligned with your purpose in life, and passion. Would following your passion assist you in having a better self image about yourself?

But What if I haven't found my Passion?
Experiment. Over and over. Don't give up hope, there are talents that we all were gifted with at birth. Continue to experiment and be willing to make mistakes on this journey of finding your passion.

The truth is, mistakes helps us get to the point where we can feel more confident in finding and living our passion. So experiment and try new things, don't allow society or anything else outside of you tell you that you are "crazy" for trying new things. I would argue the real "Crazy" thing to do would follow a path that others think you should be doing, but doesn't feel right in your own heart. (What 90% of population of people are doing)

It's okay to be unsure of your direction, but it isn't okay to not even give new things a try.
The mere fact that you continue to experiment with different talents means that you can surpass all the 5 consequences that result when you don't follow your passion.

The experimental part is the fun part, and it is the process to getting to where you want to go.

Don't be hard on yourself, and enjoy this process for what it really was designed to do...To awaken the inner you into living your passion with joy.

Author: Kevin Baker
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