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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Change the Way You Speak to Yourself and Increase Your Chances of Success

A lot of people really want to break away from the normal 9 to 5 and a lot take the first tentative steps towards making this life changing move.
They may attend a seminar by someone who has done just what they would like to do, they may have even paid for a course that takes them step by step through the process of setting up a great money making system.

I know when I decided I wanted to break away from the rat race I did all of the above and more, spending thousands of pounds in the process BUT like most people, I never really got beyond those first few steps, in fact it was over TEN YEARS before I actually put something into action. The amazing thing was after all that time it was one of the first ways to make money I learned of that I acted on and I have never looked back since.

So why do we do this? Why don't we take action if we want something as bad as we say we do? Why do we sit and procrastinate instead of doing something about it?

I know from experience one of the main reasons is fear!
Fear of failure / change /  unknown / what other people will think of us,etc.

But generally it comes back to that one irrational emotion;

False Evidence Appearing Real

The good news is we CAN do something about it, with a bit of effort.
What we have to do is change our mindset and to do this the first thing is to change the way we speak to ourselves.

From very early on in life we talk to ourselves and what we say and how we say it has a big influence on how we react to the situations as an adult. Over time we brainwash ourselves with all kinds of limiting thoughts of what we should do and what should make us happy.

After a while this self talk programs our subconscious mind into accepting that we should be happy with what we do and what we have. After all you have a job/food on the table/ a roof over your head/ a car etc. so you should be satisfied with your lot right?

But is this really YOUR definition of happiness? Are you really satisfied with your lot? I'm guessing that as you are reading this the answer is a resounding NO!

Well then it's time to admit to yourself that you are unhappy with where you are at this moment and that you are no longer going to accept life as it is. It's time to make your life what it can be and what it should be.

According to psychologists how we view life and ourselves is largely set in stone by the time we are six years old. Just think about that, everything we do in life, every decision we make and what we expect to achieve is largely influenced by what kind of experiences we had in those first few years!

Scary eh?

So what does this mean?

It means that most of us talk to ourselves in a negative and unhelpful manner and this in turn restricts what we do or achieve with our lives.

Throughout the day we are talking to ourselves constantly either out loud or in our heads. Some of this self-talk is good - your dreams, your wants, your desires, the little things that make you smile.

BUT some of it is negative and this stems from those experiences we were talking of earlier, those limiting influences that have got you nowhere. This kind of self-talk is what holds you back and  stops you from doing the things in life that you dream about.

This kind of self-talk is destructive and needs to be avoided at ALL costs. You must be aware of everything you are saying to yourself, whether it be out loud or in your head and when you find you are speaking to yourself in a negative way STOP!

Listen out for the positive things you say and concentrate on these instead, this is the kind of self-talk you have to nurture and as you do the negative self-talk will die back.

Once you allow the positive self-talk to flourish you will find great things start to happen with you as a person, to the way other people see and treat you and with your life in general.

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