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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Success Secrets of Meditation
Ponder, Practice and Prosper

Meditation is the greatest and oldest success secret known to man.

Meditation is an open secret in that many people are looking for the key to success outside of themselves. Ironically, the key to well-rounded success is the stuff between your two ears--your grey matter. Success inspiration must come from within. Therefore, thinking is the steering wheel while the fuel that powers success vehicle is meditation. Meditation is also the key that cranks the automatic engine of subconscious creativity. However, what everybody knows is largely ignored.

"Many people miss success by a foot; that is the distance between the head and the heart," says Zig Ziglar.
Mental assent is not the same as heart meditation. That's why assumption is the mother of all mistakes. And success is due to laws (meditations) and failure is due to flaws (negligence). Until a concept or an idea takes root in your heart, it is not yet yours if it is in your head. Your heart is your hard drive that produce your life philosophy or belief system and powers the rest of your performance both private and corporate. Meditation therefore, is a psycho-spiritual exercise that centers the spirit, and balances the mind. Meditation is like recharging your battery to regain your spiritual energy that drive emotional and physical wellness. Motivation must come from inside out and not the other way round.

There are seven components of meditation: personalization, localization (focus), memorization, verbalization, visualization, actualization, and materialization.

To give you a nutshell of how the ingredients come together, let's use a typical mantra. Here I am using a quotation from the bible that says, "all things are possible to him that believes."

Now, to personalize this verse, you have to put yourself (your name specifically) as him that believes. When you personalize anything, you own it because emotions are attached.

Next, forget all your problems and narrow your focus to a specific goal or problem you want to solve. That's localization.

When you think deeply about what this verse means to your life or specific challenge, that's memorization because you are making it stick as part of yourself for easy recall.

As you repeat the word over and over again to yourself, you are verbalizing it. Verbalization has two forms: autosuggestion (speaking to yourself) and positive confession (speaking to others or your circumstances)

Then comes visualization because words also create images. You become what you deeply believe before you behold it otherwise you wouldn't hold it. When the self-image of that Scripture registers in your mind's eye, you are visualizing it.

Actualization is when you do something or everything to make that word become flesh or reality in your own personal experience. It is called taking the next step. Action is one of the most powerful programming tool that makes the subconscious mind go to work. This creative mind either creates your desire, attracts what you need, or leads you to your goal.

Materialization is the manifestation when the law of attraction fully kicks in. This is the outward manifestation of stages 1 through 6. It is what the untrained and the uninitiated calls luck; not knowing that success is like science. When you follow the same formula, you achieve the same results.

When you discipline yourself to meditate at least 5 minutes a day, you will become a genius even if you lack formal education. A poor man is no body than some body who does not know how to tap into the deep resources of the subconscious mind by meditation.

"Anybody who can concentrate for five minutes can rule the world," says a Chinese proverb.

You may not rule the whole world like the Chinese sages propose, but you sure can rule your world--be it private or business--with meditation.

Meditation is the most important ingredient in your success and manifestation exercises. If thinking is everything, then it is the most important thing. Think low and become low; think high and you elevate your life.

There is no way you can think rich and grow poor. We live in an abundant universe where lack is only due to warped belief and mental block. It is not the man's age, it is his mental stage that counts.
Author: Uzo_Onukwugha

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