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Friday, 18 May 2018

Making Friends with your Mammoth

Do you want to be financially secure, know that your future is safe and that you can rest at night in the knowledge that you could stop work tomorrow if you wanted or needed to? Have you ever thought about what that would feel like? ... when you do, do you just roll your eyes and and think 'Yeh, in your dreams!' and then plod on in your every day way, turning your back on your dreams?
Me too. Or I did until the day the a mammoth came to visit, my job disappeared and my world changed.... for the better .... although it didn't feel like it at the time lol!

I don't know what your dream is but mine was to work, create a small business, buy a house and save for retirement and then probably downsize to add to my pension pot. I was realistic, I thought this would probably take until I was in my 60's.... WRONG!!!
Perhaps you were the same? But now you can't see the end of the tunnel... or maybe the reality is that you are sh** scared about losing your job, which you feel trapped in and only stick at because you can't afford to leave. Even worse, maybe you are running your own business and feel the same about the very thing you thought would make you really happy. Maybe, the thing you are working hardest at is only just keeping the wolves from the trees and all your future dreams are crumbling into the dust.
Before you disintegrate under the pressure of it all can I ask you to stop, reflect and then give yourself a huge pat on the back? You have been doing a great job, you have been working hard and doing the right thing. You have been making ends meet (just) against all the odds. Yes, you are great!
The problem is that the world has changed.... and it did it practically over night.
Our generation is living (and attempting to work) through a new revolutionary new world. We are working to the old industrial rules but living in the new digital world.The revolution has been like a mammoth on the run and unless we change our approach to our work and life we will be trampled... what we need to do is make friends with the mammoth... and adjust our old school work ethic, re-directing it to the new world dynamic.
Ok, so we have to make friends with the mammoth... how we do dat den?
More on that soon... for now you just need to know, there's a blooming mammoth out there!!! He's looking for friends and the good thing is he likes people who like learning, working clever ... and want to have a great life....he's looking for people to play with and he def wants retire early one day... he's looking for us :)
Written By: Tania Carson (Mammoth Hunter)