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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Squeezed Middle... or Financially Free?

So which are you ... the squeezed middle or financially free?

First of all, what are these two polarised states... and which one would you prefer to be?
The Squeezed Middle are the educated, seemingly affluent, workers in our society. They have done everything right: worked hard, educated themselves, applied their knowledge, bought a house and had 2.5 kids... they pay their taxes and rarely ask for anything in return. Then one day they realize that their pension pot is close to zero, they simply can't make ends meet any more and they are probably going to have to work until they drop. They look back at their parents who retired at 60/65 (or younger) and are living a wonderful, leisurely life well into their dotage.... the squeezed middle wonder what they did wrong!?
The Financially Free are the ones that live a life knowing that the bills are all paid for and they have enough money to eat, whether they are working or not - YAY!... Basically, a while ago, they woke up to the reality that life had changed since their parents' day. They suddenly realised that they were living in a post industrial, global age and working by the old rules would leave them broke and unable to retire.
They have taken steps to ensure it doesn't happen to them and they have found out how to make the necessary changes to create a new, more tantalising and happy future. They became financial freedom fighters... and have won the battle!
So which one are you? ...
Maybe you identify with the squeezed middle but dream to be financially free, but have no idea on how to create this pipe dream? If that's you then don't despair because whilst you might feel a bit cheated  now there are plenty of opportunities these days to move yourself towards your goal and away from the old and failing way of living.
We were listening to a speaker at one of our workshops this weekend and he pointed out that  the squeezed middle are basically the transition generation. We are the middle aged workers living by the past centuries industrial model's rules of educate, work hard and you will go up the ladder and earn more, save and you will have a great pension and retire at 60'ish. Sound familiar? Sound hollow?
Over the last 15 years or so the world has become a new, digital era... this era is being run by a whole new set of rules.... and if you and I don't start learning those rules we will be the ones who watch our wealth dwindle and our lifestyles with it. Many of us are feeling that right now, Pam and I know exactly how that feels!
That said we are also the generation who have had low cost  education and been brought up on a really excellent work ethic. In addition we here at the start of the revolution... which means we have the most opportunities to take advantage of it and create new, lucrative revenues that will change our current lifestyle and our dreams for the future.
The pain of this situation is why Pam and I started looking for solutions, taking courses and learning how to create new incomes and implement new wealth strategies. We started a few short years ago and we are now both financially free ... and you can be too.
Our two main strategies have been property and social media. Firstly we started in property and with the learnings and earnings we moved into the brave new digital world. Property is the obvious one to create wealth but many people think that they have to have a fortune to make a fortune. I'm here to tell you that you don't... because I have created a portfolio without a single bean of my own money in it... time yes... money no! 
The digital business is new and it's just starting to bare fruit. The learning curve has been greater though, but that's not surprising. The journey continues and we look forward to making more progress earning our first big £3k pay out in the last week... and all from the comfort of our own sofas lol!
Of course we haven't done this alone and that's been great too. Firstly we invested in some amazing teachers and became friends with them and many of the people they have trained along side us. If you think your journey may be lonely, we are here to tell you that it won't be.
If you want to find out more about our teachers and the courses they offer then please click here for Gill Fielding's property course website:

And here for Paul's webinar all about setting up a business on social media:

In addition you may want to surround yourself with like minded people ... this is where we come in, we have been there, and not so long ago that we have forgotten what it's like! If that sounds like something you would like to do then just email us on : and we will send you logins to our  financial freedom facebook group where you can join in the conversation and get tips and ideas to make your bid for freedom come true!
We hope that sounds exciting and we look forward to making it happen for you!
Over and out for now!
Tania & Pam